Teen vaping is on the rise: We’ve got the prevention solution!

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Your organization strives to keep kids healthy. AVOID can help you talk to kids about the risk of vapes using science-based brief educational videos.

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Who is this program for?

AVOID helps adults talk to kids about avoiding vapes. AVOID supports those who work with youth.
• Community-based organizations
• School districts
• Individual teachers
• Parents
• Local community groups
• Coaches
• Faith-based institutions

AVOID can be delivered in large groups or one-on-one.

What does AVOID contain?

AVOID contains brief educational videos and discussion guides. The videos engage kids and provide information. The accompanying discussion guides will help adults present these videos to kids and conduct a deeper conversation on topics that include:
• What’s in vapes and who is using them?
• What’s in vape “smoke”?
• Types of vapes
• Nicotine in vapes and risk of addiction
• Harmful flavors in vape liquid
• How the tobacco industry targets youth with vapes

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